BOP Control Unit for Conventional System

The BOP Control Unit (BCU) provides a central interface for BOP system functional control, system monitoring and alarms, read backs, and data acquisition.  

The BOP controls can be remotely manipulated via the toolpusher’s and driller’s control panels. The discrete controls are completely hydraulic. The panel can be monitored through the utility computer.

The remote controls used with the BOP Control Unit are electrical with air operators.

The system is unitized and mounted on a self contained fully seam welded three runner oilfield type skid. The unit is equipped with four point pad-eyes for overhead lifting, and draw bars for handling and appropriately balanced for normal crane handling.


BOP Control Unit Functions

  • Locally controls the BOP from the skid mounted Gauge / Valve Panel or, remotely, through the Driller’s Control Panel (DCP), Toolpusher’s Control Panel (TCP), or Utility Computer.
  • Provides a complete central control system SCU (System Control Unit) for our conventional BOP control pod-based system. A redundant SCU is housed on the Diverter Control Unit. This allows the operator to separate the skids into different rooms to protect from a catastrophic event bringing down both System electronics.

BOP Control Unit Options

• Custom designs available to suit your needs
• Diverter and BOP Control units may be combined on one skid to make the conventional Master Control Station
• DNV and ABS certification available

BOP Control Unit Features

  • Self contained, fully seam welded skid with integrated valved drip pan and accessible component design makes installation and maintenance fast and easy
  • Operates manually via manipulator valves at local Valve / Gauge Panel or remotely with software based automatic sequencing for effortless control and operation
  • Manufactured, in-house, at our Houston, Texas Facility with the highest quality contemporary stainless steel piping and controls that resist corrosion and provide robust performance
  • Our systems meet and/or exceed API 16D requirements. ABS and DNV Certification is available, upon request
  • 7 days-a-week replacement parts customer support for “Rig-Down” situations

Technical Specifications

Overall Dimensions (typical): (H) 94.5” x (D) 84” x (W) 156.95” (shackles removed)
Weight (dry): 10,000 lbs.
Weight (with fluid): 10,500 lbs.
Temperature Range: -10oF to +140oF
Required Main Service Voltage: 120 VAC, Single Phase, 5 Amp (from PDU)
Required Pneumatic Supply: 20 scfm @ 90 to 150 psi (from Rig Air)
Classification: Class 1 Div 2, Group C&D (with optional purge unit)
Hydraulic Pressure Rating: 5,000 psi (select circuits, provided by HPU)

Major System Components

(Vary per Customer Requirements and Options)

  • Valve Diverter Interface Panel
  • Operator Valve / Gauge Panel
  • Pneumatically Adjustable Regulators
  • Instrumentation Enclosure Panel
  • Hydraulic, Bladder Type Accumulators
  • Pneumatic Solenoid Assemblies
  • Diverter Control Interface Panel
  • Pneumatic Volume Support Tanks
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