Acoustic Control Systems

Oceaneering’s Acoustic Control System is a backup Blowout Preventer (BOP) control pod that uses acoustic-based subsea bi-directional communication to control the BOP in the case of rig emergency.  

It is comprised of a fully redundant, third party subsea electronic module (SEM) with transducers, an oil-filled, pressure compensated, electro-hydraulic (E/H) housing, and a lower valve unit (LVU).

The SEM provides the acoustic communication link and electronic logic. The E/H Housing contains readback pressure transducers and switches and solenoid controlled pilot valves to open and close the function valves.

The LVU contains the all of the BOP function valves and manifolds.

The system can be controlled via mobile command unit, or via optional, compatible rig/ship acoustic telemetry system.


Acoustic Control System Functions

  • Provides backup, emergency BOP control with bi-directional communication and readbacks
  • Acoustically controls up to user customizable BOP functions
  • Provides a ruggedized mobile control module that can be deployed and control the BOP from a life boat, helicopter, or off the side of a ship’s deck


Acoustic Control System Options

  • Fully customizable BOP function count and functionality (9, 12, and 16 Function Available)
  • Designed to integrate with any third party acoustic communication system
  • Automatic hydrostatically actuated transducer deployment system
  • DNV and ABS certification


Acoustic Control System Features

  • 12,500 feet subsea working depth
  • Bolt-on, free standing, core component accessible design for fast and easy installation and maintenance
  • 15 minute mean time to repair (MTTR) on any of the SPM function valves in the lower valve unit
  • Includes solenoids, metal-to-metal sliding seal valves, pressure switches, pressure transducers, and SPM manifolds that are based on our field proven Multiplex BOP Control Pods
  • Manufactured in-house, at our Houston, Texas facility with the highest quality contemporary stainless steels that resist subsea corrosion and provide robust performance
  • Meet and/or exceed API 16D and Petrobras requirements. ABS and DNV Certification is available, upon request.
  • 7 days-a-week replacement parts customer support for “Rig-Down” situations


Technical Specifications
(Vary based on customer requirements and options)

Overall Dimensions: (9 Functions) 24” width x 24” depth x 60.75” height
  (12 Functions) 37.5” width x 29.6” depth x 77.6” height
Dry Weight: (excluding oil) 2,200 lbs to 3,378 lbs
Temperature Range: -10oF to +140oF
Supply Pressure: 5,000 PSI (or less per customer requirements)
Pilot Pressure: 3,000 PSI
Rated Depth: 12,500 feet (E/H Housing and LVU)
  13,123 feet (SEM)



Major System Components
(Vary per customer requirements and options)

  • Third Party Subsea Electronics Module (SEM)
  • 1.0” NC SPM Valve Cartridge Low Interflow Assembly (function Reset Valve)
  • Metal to Metal Sliding Seal Valves (Pilot Valves)
  • 1.0” Dual Internal Pilot SPM Valve Cartridge Assembly (Function Valves)
  • 24 Volt 1 Amp Solenoid (Pilot Solenoids)
  • Pressure Transducers and Pressure Switches (Function Readbacks)


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