Accumulator Systems

Oceaneering manufactures two types of Accumulator Systems; surface systems and subsea systems. These arrays of bladder-type accumulator bottles (stations), tied together with a manifold and pressurized with a dry nitrogen pre-charge are the on-demand power source of the BOP control system.


They are supplied with control fluid and maintained at pressure by the Hydraulic Pumping Unit (HPU).

All of our accumulator systems meet and/or exceed API 16D Specifications, and ABS/DNV certifications are available upon request.


Accumulator System Functions

  • Stores and makes available the proper volume of control fluid at high pressure (typically 5,000 psi) to provide hydraulic power for the greater BOP Control System


Accumulator System Options

  • Available in Surface (on the rig) or Subsea (on the BOP stack) configurations
  • Available in 4, 5, 6, or 8 station versions (subsea) and 3, 6, 12, and 24 station versions (surface)
  • Custom designed systems are available to suit your exact specifications
  • Optional per-station isolation ball valves are available to allow single station maintenance without taking the entire accumulator system offline


Accumulator System Features

  • Weld-on or bolt-on, flexible frame design can accommodate your footprint and volume requirements while making installation and maintenance easy
  • Manufactured, in-house, at our Houston, Texas Facility with the highest quality contemporary stainless steel manifolds, 3 part marine epoxy coated fully seam welded frames, and phenolic coated accumulator bottles that resist corrosion and provide robust performance
  • Our Accumulator Systems meet and/or exceed API 16D requirements and are custom sized to your API designated control fluid volume requirements. ABS and DNV Certification is available, upon request
  • 7 days-a-week replacement parts customer support for “Rig-Down” situations


Technical Specifications
(Vary per Customer Requirements and Options)

Overall Dimensions: Variable, depending upon station count
Dry Weight: Variable, depending upon station count
Temperature Range: -10oF to +140oF
Pressure Output: 5 KSI (typical)
Rated Pressure: 6 KSI
Hydraulic Piping Interconnections: Vary per Customer Requirements and Options



Major System Components
(Vary per Customer Requirements and Options)

  • Skid Frame (Surface)
  • Hydraulic Manifold
  • Swing Rack (Subsea)
  • Station Isolation Ball Valves (optional)
  • Bladder Type Accumulator Bottles
  • Gauge Panel (surface only)


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