Marine Asset Protection

Whether you operate either above-sea or subsea assets—floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) units; mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs), fixed platforms, or subsea cables and pipelines—it is critical to understand how vessels interact with your asset. A vessel impacting your asset can quickly turn into a major environmental impact or even result in loss of life.
marine asset protection, vessel encroachment

The costs associated with shutting down an operation, along with the long-term impact of negative media, can spell disaster for company financials.

Marine Asset Protection is offered as an optional expansion to our Oceaneering® PortVision® 360 Enterprise service level, and is an essential tool to remotely monitor and manage marine risk globally. It can be integrated to include radar and other sensory packages.
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Manage Vessel Encroachment

Millions of dollars of marine assets are at risk from vessel encroachment every day. Over the last two decades, there has been more than $100 million (U.S.) in property damage and more than 25 fatalities associated with marine pipeline incidents. Much of this is preventable with effective monitoring and real-time alerting of vessel encroachment near high-value marine assets.
Marine Asset Protection provides a remote way to collaboratively monitor your assets across the globe.
  • Custom on-screen and audible alerts configured to address specific risks
  • User-defined zones to match unique infrastructure footprints or dimensions
  • Sharing of fleets, user zones, and alerts with other PortVision 360 Marine Asset Protection service users
  • Collaborative log that enables remote monitoring of user acknowledgment, notes, or actions taken to mitigate the triggered alert
  • Over five years of historical vessel positions, vessel zone events, and triggered alert reporting to assist with audits, investigations, and key performance indicator (KPI) reporting
  • Ability to integrate multiple radars, cameras, and other data sensors
  • Valuable weather details depicting weather radar, visibility, sea states, currents, lightning strike details, and many other optional weather layers
  • Display of regional attributes such as navigational charts, lease blocks, and other points of interest

Proven Detection Capabilities

The immediacy of the alerts delivered through the PortVision 360 Marine Asset Protection service enables you to more rapidly identify threats to offshore assets. This early detection capability has enabled asset owners to respond and divert vessels before an incident could occur, avoiding both financial losses and asset downtime.

Our historical reporting feature also enables you to better target budgetary funding based on an enhanced understanding of how vessels interact with and around your assets. With Marine Asset Protection, you are able to identify the specific types of vessels and operators that appear to pose a greater risk. In today’s maritime industry, you cannot afford not to have this level of detail.

marine asset protection, vessel encroachment