Inspection Management

We provide inspection management services that ensure you are equipped with the information and data you need to focus efforts on value-adding intervention.

Optimize Expenditure

Our inspection management services bridge the gap between non-destructive testing (NDT) and integrity management programs. We use data to schedule optimized, interval-based inspections to meet your requirements.
Our global services range from comprehensive inspection management offerings to tailored inspection solutions for new-build or in-service requirements. We help you comply with complex regulatory requirements across regions and markets.
Our multi-skilled and experienced engineers and technicians detect anomalies at the earliest stages, reducing the risk of failure and the cost of disruption to production.

Tailored Inspection Programs

We develop and execute inspection programs based on your integrity strategy and maintenance management routines. Our services support improved asset integrity, performance, and lifespan; increased operating results; improved planning and management; and improved health, safety, and environmental (HSE) performance.

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Program Development

  • Strategy interpretation
  • Work scope identification
  • Forward work planning
  • Work pack production
  • Project coordination
  • Support engineering services
oceaneering, asset integrity, inspection, management, programs, work scope, execution


  • Project management
  • Resource leveling
  • Equipment optimization
  • In-service inspection
  • Online, electronic reporting


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Inspection Data

  • Data review and analysis
  • Anomaly coding
  • Data system population
  • Equipment condition assessment and recommendations
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Records management