Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Systems 

We are innovators in developing, producing and maintaining logistics systems using automated guided vehicles. Indoors or outdoors, our customized applications deliver a major increase in productivity, flexibility and stability.

Maximizing Performance – Minimizing Total Cost of Ownership

We combine first-rate products and services with optimized lifecycle services support – from consultancy up to performance guarantee. Our tailored logistics solutions are sustainable and environmentally friendly, and bear the required quality and safety certificates.


AGV Solutions

Our AGV solutions give you on-time deliveries, the lowest operational costs and secure transportation.


Our AGVs and supervisory systems set the standard in high-end, smart logistics solutions, based on our leading-edge technology. 

Key Markets

Our AGV systems provide automated material handling solutions for a wide range of industries and logistics processes.

Oceaneering AGV Systems Give You These Benefits:

Reduction of operating costs
Increased productivity
Safe working environments
Damage control
Logistics flexibility
Minimum use of space
100% material management

Lifecycle Service

Our lifecycle service is a comprehensive program of after-sales support, offering new opportunities and ensuring high performance. 

Our guaranteed service performance gives you total peace of mind with tailor-made solutions. Our services span the globe through our locally organized network.

With offices in more than 28 countries, and with the local presence of our partners, we operate in close proximity to you in order to provide:

Preventive maintenance
Regular inspection and adjustment of the AGV system, as well as cleansing and preventive replacement of specific parts
Annual safety check
Yearly vehicle checks to verify that the AGVs are able to perform safely, including any safety certifications that might be legally required in your country
Vehicle and software health check
“Vehicle and software health” report describing the status of your vehicle and enabling planning of foreseen maintenance activities by your maintenance team
Corrective maintenance
Analytical trouble shooting and realizing suitable solutions in time to avoid unplanned shutdowns
Spare parts
Onsite availability of critical spare parts in order to minimize the risk of downtime (suitable for the first year of operation)
Helpdesk and hotline support
Online help desk facility, staffed by specialists, available on weekdays (Monday – Friday) for technical support and for customer reporting of problems related to the product; the help desk facility can be extended with hotline support, available outside office hours, 24/7
Training for all employees involved directly or indirectly with the operation of the AGV system. We offer training programs customized for your specific needs. Training sessions are repeated as either refresher courses or as training for new employees.

Automotive vehicle

  "With more than 30 years of AGV experience in many markets,
there is always a proven AGV solution available for you."

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